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Welcome to Leclanché Capacitors

Manufacturers of top quality capacitors since 1919, Leclanché Capacitors has satisfied customers all over the world. We manufacture specific capacitors that fit specific needs and budgets. With a team of developers at your disposal, we can design in days and then manufacture within just a few weeks exactly the capacitors that you need.

Specializing in high-voltage and power capacitors, we serve a variety of industries : railway, aeronautics, medical, induction heating, soldering, welding, industrial laser, electrical storage, PLCC, instrumentation, defense, power electronics, and many more.

International Supplier

Leclanché Capacitors has factories in Germany and in Switzerland. The distribution in Switzerland works with our own network. We have about 1000 customers in over 30 countries on five continents. Our distribution network is represented in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Great-Britain and Italy.